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Forms of Collaboration

Network members collaborate and align their strategies for equitable deep decarbonization across the region through their participation in State Tables, Action Teams, Task Forces, Hubs, Peer Learning Circles and more.

An Action Team is a diverse group of people, working regionally to develop the strategies that make equitable deep decarbonization a reality. They are the strategy rooms for our shared systems analysis, helping to identify ever more comprehensive and equitable solutions to climate change.

Bringing people together, in-person and virtually, is core to the mission of our Network. By bringing people together we’re able to develop relationships, set collective strategy, and build the capacity for our work toward equitable deep decarbonization. We strive to ensure that convenings like our Annual Meeting, summits, workshops, trainings, webinars and strategy conversations are fun and productive. 

A Hub is a place for members working on a complex issue to come together to deepen our Network’s understanding of an issue through analysis and to strategize multi-faceted approaches for equitable deep decarbonization.

A Peer Learning Circle is a chance for a small group of members to learn more about emerging topics. They work with experts to deepen their knowledge, practice applying what they learn to their own context, and share what they are learning with each other to enhance their overall understanding.

A State Table is a place where members work to build power over time to equitably decarbonize the Midwest. Through their power building efforts they set conditions for climate and energy policies to be enacted which improve people’s well being and reduce harmful greenhouse gases. Groups within each state will be better positioned to win if they are inclusive, coordinated, and work together to intentionally build power for the clean energy and climate movement in their state. By doing so, State Tables can help ensure climate victories in the mid- and long-term. 

A Task Force is a group of people with expertise in a particular area who come together like a project team to help plan the launch of Network activities like hubs and convenings.

Iowa State Table
Members of the Iowa Clean Energy State Table work together to develop a shared vision
2018 Annual Meeting
After a tour of the Fort Berthold reservation in North Dakota, members enjoy dinner next to Lake Sakakawea
2018 Modeling Boot Camp
The 2018 Modeling Boot Camp class pose for a picture after an intensive three days of learning
EDD summit
Members explore pathways toward equitable deep decarbonization at a summit


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