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Our Network Approach

Climate change is what systems experts classify as a wicked complex problem. It’s a system that has multiple forces, lots of diversity, and many interdependencies in which there’s no silver bullet solution to solve it. In order to make impactful change on a complex problem like climate change, we need a structure that allows us to be inclusive, nimble and adaptable. Through a network structure we are able to connect a wide diversity of people, spread information and resources quickly, and align our strategies to maximize our collective impact. By aligning our strategies we are able to appreciate how each of us hold a piece of the puzzle and together we are able to see a fuller picture.


The RE-AMP Network has and continues to pioneer a unique network approach in service of social change. We combine the strategy of taking a systems thinking approach with the power of collaborating with organizations who know their communities best, so that we can equitably decarbonize the Midwest. We’re systems-based which enables us to have a clearer shared understanding of the system we are trying to change, what levers need to be pulled and how parts of the system interact with each other. We’re collaborative by including everyone, respecting one another, and by sharing resources including power. We’re collaborative so that we can work together to include more people and develop more impactful strategies.


In short, we believe the best way to address the complex problem of climate change is through our motto which is to Think Systemically and Act Collaboratively.

Case studies and other information about our Network can be found under Resources and Services.


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