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The Framework

Equitable Deep Decarbonization can be summarized by the slogan “Include Everyone, Electrify Everything, Decarbonize Electricity”

The RE-AMP Network is pioneering a new type of living system analysis, which is referred to as the Equitable Deep Decarbonization Framework. This shared analysis can be summarized by the slogan “Include everyone, electrify everything, and decarbonize electricity.” Drawing on many resources but especially the 2013 Preliminary Environmental Justice Assessment commissioned by the Network, and the US Deep Decarbonization Pathways report, our main areas of focus are: 



Equitable building electrification. Supporting the equitable transition to clean electricity in space and water heating, cooking and other historic uses of fossil fuels in buildings



No new fossil fuels. Preventing the buildout of any fossil fuel infrastructure



Expanding Energy Democracy. Ensuring communities have decision making power over their energy future



Equitable and clean transportation. Making it easier for people to get around without having to drive everywhere, and making every option cleaner


Elections. Non-partisan work to ensure our leaders are working for equitable climate solutions



Agriculture. Food systems that nourish the land and pull carbon from the air


Cycle of analysis, action, learning

The Equitable Deep Decarbonization framework is not meant to be a static idea. Instead, it informs and is informed by action. Members act strategically on the strongest aspects of our analysis, while also working to increase our knowledge. This improved knowledge spurs more action, in a virtuous circle of analysis and action.

Stakeholder analysis
A stakeholder analysis at the Iowa State Table
Alice's Garden, Milwaukee
Members visit a community garden to learn more about regenerative practices in Milwaukee
Exploring the relationship between agreement and certainty in human systems


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