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Action Fund

The Global Warming Strategic Action Fund (Action Fund) is a pooled, non-endowed fund made up of contributions from participating foundations. Since its beginnings, the Network has pioneered novel approaches to grantmaking through the Action Fund, notably inviting active participation from both funders and advocates at decision-making tables. The Action Fund currently funds strategic collaboration, capacity building, and emerging opportunities as a means to achieving our overall carbon reduction goals efficiently and successfully.

Rapid Response Fund

The Midwest Rapid Response Fund is a pool of quick-response funds administered by the RE-AMP Network and supported by the Joyce Foundation.  Eligible applicants are organizational members of the RE-AMP Network implementing RE-AMP’s energy efficiency and clean energy goals and priority strategies. When members encounter unexpected needs or changed circumstances in the course of ongoing campaigns or multi-state initiatives. Grants from the fund will be prioritized for needs that require rapid turnaround.

For more information about the Action Fund or Network Funding contact Chief Executive Officer, Melissa Gavin


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