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The Organizing Hub offers strategic planning consultation and facilitation, as a fee-for-service with a discounted rate for full RE-AMP members.  Depending on what your organization (or group of organizations) wants to accomplish, strategic planning consultation is in the range of $1000 for a one-day, one-off facilitated session to $5000 for a multiple day process with follow-up.   

Waivers or discounts will be considered on a needs basis for organizations willing to contribute time to help accomplish other priorities for the RE-AMP Network Organizing Hub.  

Strategic Planning Framework

Sean Carroll
Organizing Hub Director

I work with your team to design a customized strategic planning process. There’s a couple core concepts I use as an overall framework:​


What’s your organization’s culture — and what do you want it to be?  

How do you create a mission, vision and values that live and breathing in everyday work?


What’s the organizational structure that’s going to allow your team to communicate effectively, maximize your capacity, and efficiently achieve your goals?


What will it take to win and how do you dedicate your resources in the right way?  

How do you create a synergy between building your organization and making change on our issues?  

Strategic Planning is about going

Your organization has already been doing this and already has everything it needs to achieve what’s laid out here...but it’s also never really “done.”  

Strategic planning is about engaging in a process to take your organization to the next level. Where do you want to go from, to?

If your organization is interested in exploring a strategic planning session, the first step is to fill out an application. From there, you'll have a one-on-one conversation to talk about your goals and what the Organizing Hub can offer.


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