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The Three Cs

Participating in the RE-AMP Network means you get to make meaningful connections with other people working in the Midwest climate movement, space to work with others to set collective strategy, and opportunities to deepen your own learning through capacity building opportunities.


The RE-AMP Network makes and maintains connections among leaders, advocates, funders, and people in the Midwest climate movement. We use social systems mapping, surveys, apply network theory, host in- person meetings and even play games to develop and deepen connections between people. That’s because we know relationships are the foundation to develop and implement equitable climate solutions.

Garden Yoga
Impromptu yoga while visiting Alice's Gardens in Milwaukee
Iowa State Table
Iowa State Table Members working to build a shared vision

Collective Strategy Setting

The RE-AMP Network is the place where collective strategy is set in the Midwest. We do this through shared systems analysis, State Tables, Action Teams, Hubs, the Annual Meeting and other in-person gatherings throughout the year. Through our collective strategy setting we can move toward an equitably decarbonized Midwest!

Capacity Building

The RE-AMP Network ensures that when it’s time to put strategy into action, members have the skills and tools they need to be successful. Our RE-AMP Systems Academy trains members in systems theory and systems thinking tools to find simplicity in wicked, complex problems. Along with other in-person trainings, webinars, and sharing cutting edge research and analysis, the Network ensures members have a constant infusion of new tools to ensure effective action.

2018 Modeling Boot Camp
2018 RE-AMP Modeling Boot Camp Class


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