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Mission, Vision, Values

The mission of the RE-AMP Network is to set collective strategy and enable collaboration on climate solutions in the Midwest. We do this by connecting diverse perspectives, harnessing everyone’s unique expertise in spaces for intentional strategy-setting, and building the capacity for excellent implementation. ​

We envision a Midwest in which we all have access to the energy we need to live, move, work and play; we produce and use it in an equitable and just way that protects our health, wellbeing and environment. Those who are most impacted from its production and consumption are centered in those decisions. We generate climate solutions rooted in our collective values that spread across our country and the world. We have six guiding values that inform the way we work toward our North Star Goal:
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Democracy
  • Equity
  • Justice
  • Scientific Rigor

A Commitment to Equity

The RE-AMP Network is committed to equity. The Steering Committee, our governing body which sets the strategic direction of the Network, has adopted the Jemez Principles and the following statement on equity to inform their strategy setting.

We must rapidly transition to an equitable clean energy economy for a healthy climate, people, and other living beings. Our work to combat climate change must ensure that the structures perpetuating and exacerbating inequity are transformed. We must use processes that are centered around sharing power, influence and resources to bring about equitable outcomes. In devising proposed solutions, the voices of those most affected by climate change should be prioritized and supported— ensuring a meaningful role in shaping policy. To achieve this, we must first recognize key injustices in current energy and land use systems such as the inequitable health impacts of fossil fuel usage and the economic drain of energy and transportation costs on individuals and communities. We must also acknowledge the root causes of climate change that include among others: colonialism, slavery, genocide of indigenous people, private ownership of energy and the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of too few. When power shifts to people, we transform our future together for generations to come.


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