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Looking to develop your capacity to take a network approach? RE-AMP staff can help you through a tailored workshop for your organization. Not only do we bring methods, models and tools to help you see into your situation in a different way, we also bring our Network experience to the conversation as well.

For more information reach out to Chief Executive Officer, Melissa Gavin at

2017 REAMP Systems Academy
The 2017 RE-AMP Academy demonstrate that systemic complexity can be fun!
Network Thinking Academy
Participants of the 2019 Network Thinking Academy reflecting on core network concepts

“The intensive workshop we did with RE-AMP helped us reflect, dream and connect dots in profound ways. We generated a ton of great ideas for growing and strengthening our networks. We can implement some of the ideas right away, while some will take months to pull off and others will take years. I’m excited about course the workshop helped us chart. It’s going to help us do transformative work.”– Duchesne Drew, Bush Foundation


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