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Name Andrew Butts
Personal Statement

I’m the founder of the Green Neighbor Challenge. We are building a webtool and social media campaign to help US residents find and sign up for green pricing. We’re building a coalition of partners and looking to expand our platform to include more tools/resources such as a RE/EE incentive finder, Community Solar finder, Grassroots Org finder, a choose-your-own-adventure state petition maker, and more.

I have a degree in Operations Management and spent several years as an supply chain analyst. I have a degree in communication arts and spent several years making non-fiction films. I have a masters in science, technology, and environmental policy with a focus on energy. I organize with Science for the People. The best job I’ve ever had was seven summers on camp staff. I’m a bit of a restless generalist and systems thinker. I like to tinker. I like to educate. I like to analyze. I love learning. Always trying to make possible the previously impossible. Have a challenge? Have a dream? Let’s talk.


Clean Energy Economy, Climate, Communications, Environmental Justice, Grassroots Organizing, Nonprofit Administration & Development, Renewable Energy Payments, Research

Andrew Butts

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