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May 2019 Newsletter

Greetings RE-AMPers!

Meet our two newest Network members in our Connections Section and be sure to check out the candidates who are running for the Steering Committee in Collective Strategy. You’ll also find a reminder on how to apply for the Rapid Response Fund, learn about the newly formed Ohio Consumers Power Alliance, and see our invitation to share a story at the Annual Meeting there. Check out the Capacity Building Section for information on upcoming Network opportunities.

Have a story to share? Connect with Community Manager, Sarah Ann Shanahan today at


Seeking Emerging Leaders at the Leading Edge of the Clean Energy Economy 

RE-AMP is a proud partner of the 5th annual Midwest Energy News ‘40 Under 40’ awards program that seeks to highlight emerging leaders throughout the region who work to accelerate America’s transition to a cleanenergy economy. The program is open to all who are under 40 at the time of their nomination. We are looking to showcase leaders from all sectors—including industry, government, regulatory, business, academia, non-profit and advocacy—and nominations will be accepted until 5:00 pm CT on August 2. Do you know a strong emerging leader who fits these criteria? Nominate your leader(s) today.


Meet our Newest Members!

Seth Nowak, Individual Member

Seth has participated in the Network for nine years, primarily through his work with the American Council for Energy Efficient Economy. He’s now going into business for himself, starting a company to do comprehensive rental property sustainability assessments. He’s also been serving on the Host Committee for the 2019 Annual Meeting. Seth is committed to the mission of the Network and wants to stay connected which led him to apply as an Individual Member. We’re happy to have him continue to be a part of the Network! You can reach Seth at


Outrider Foundation, Ally Member 

Through the Wisconsin Climate Table, we were connected to the Outrider Foundation, whose sole focus ison climate education and communication. They were so impressed with the recent Summit in Wisconsin that they decided to apply for membership. They are looking to connect with like-minded organizations in the climate sphere and exchange information related to solutions. While based in Wisconsin, they work on the national scale. Parwat Regmi is their primary contact and he can be reached at


Collective Strategy

Celebrating at the Annual Meeting

We’re really looking forward to seeing so many of you in Milwaukee for the 2019 Annual Meeting. If you aren’t able to attend this time you can contribute to the meeting by sending us stories of victories or progress toward equitably eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

In honor of RE-AMP’s 15th Annual Meeting, we will share highlights and victories from around the region over the past fifteen years. This may require you to reach deep into your memory bank; What are some victories or highlights from your state that stick out to you when you think back over the last fifteen years?

We’d also like to feature a few examples of work that has happened in the last year in the Midwest that has moved us toward equitably eliminating greenhouse gas emissions at the Annual Meeting. Do you have a story you’d like featured?

Remember- you don’t have to be in attendance to share a story. If you do have a something to share please email me at!








RE-AMP members networking in the office and in the field!


Candidates for Steering Committee

There are five open seats for the RE-AMP Steering Committee in 2019 and we have six individuals who have thrown their hat in the ring. Meet the candidates by reading their candidate statements below. Voting closes on June 4th and the winners will be announced the next day at the RE-AMP Annual Meeting.

Primary contacts of full member organizations are eligible to vote and will be sent the ballot electronically on May 23rd. To find the membership list and their primary contact check out the Commons.

The following six candidates are seeking election to the Steering Committee in 2019:


Candidate Statements

Robert Blake, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light

I would love to serve on the steering committee and would do my best in all my abilities to always represent Re-Amp and all its members in the best possible way. I have been a member of the MN state table and believe in Re-Amp’s mission and would try and continue the work I have started there and share it with the rest of the Re-Amp network.


Jessica Collingsworth, Union of Concerned Scientists

I just completed a two-year term on the RE-AMP Steering Committee and would really like to continue the work. Over the last two years RE-AMP committed to the equitable deep decarbonization framework and adopted an equity statement and revised our North Star goal. I have been a member of the RE-AMP Network since 2008 and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to bring historical knowledge to the committee and Network as a whole. I am also eager to continue to think through strategies and incremental steps to work towards achieving our equitable deep decarbonization goals. One of the biggest opportunities RE-AMP faces is the ability to share best practices for clean energy state and regional policies, and to learn from all the great groups that are a part of the network.    

It’s a challenging time for clean energy at the federal level, but a lot of awesome work is happening at the state and local level across the Midwest. We need to highlight those stories, share best practices, and ensure we are learning from each other. A big challenge we face as a network is broadening our network to be more inclusive and more diverse. This includes the need for more outreach and recruitment of more environmental justice and community groups to the network and providing them with the resources they need to meaningfully participate. Perhaps this can be done through re-granting opportunities and a focus on making this a larger network wide priority. As well as partnering new members with old members, so they can get up to speed on what RE-AMP is, and the resources available through the network.    

RE-AMP provides a lot of great resources to its members including communications support, campaign strategy assistance, rapid response resources, and more. But I don’t think a lot of groups know about these resources or how to access them. So, we need to get the word out, visit with state tables, and make sure network members are benefiting from the large amount of support resources RE-AMP has to offer.    As I mentioned, I’ve been a RE-AMP Member since 2008. In 2009 I was the RE-AMP Energy Efficiency Working Associate. I have attended the Campaign Excellence Conference, various communications trainings, and have served on the RE-AMP Annual Meeting Planning Committee. I look forward to the opportunity to possibly serve another term on the RE-AMP Network Steering Committee.


Nicole Donaghy, Dakota Resource Council

I am interested in continuing my service on the RE-AMP Network Steering committee because I believe in the work that RE-AMP does; I am excited about the equitable decarbonization work that has been done so far, and feel that I can continue to contribute the collaborative learning community that RE-AMP has created. I have been involved in several action groups and have been on the Steering Committee for less than an entire term. I see the added value that RE-AMP brings to organizations like mine and would like to continue my part in building the RE-AMP Network across the midwest.



Cecilia Martinez, Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy

RE-AMP has evolved into a fundamentally more progressive network, with a strong focus on equity.  CEED and the networks in which CEED participates, are strongly committed to two goals: 1) address climate change through a Just Transition that both acknowledges and addresses the legacy environmental and health impacts of the fossil fuel economy; and 2) develop a pathway for a sustainable future that is grounded in justice and equity.  

The Midwest region has become a focal point of a national political strategy on climate change for a variety of reasons. It is critical that a regional policy does not ignore the critical equity issues in our states. RE-AMP can be a vital force in this effort, and support organizations that are working to develop innovative strategies to address climate change; engage those most vulnerable to climate change by ensuring that resiliency programs and policies prioritize address their needs; create opportunities for youth of color to engage on issues that are of vital importance to them and their families. My interest in the Steering Committee is to support the network in these areas. The network’s membership provides a unique opportunity for an alignment across different constituencies to address climate, energy and other intersectional problems. My interest is in problem-solving on how to continue to sustain and expand the network in ways that push the envelope in climate and equity.     

CEED has been involved with REAMP in one form or another for over 10 years. We have seen the shift in RE-AMP and the challenges it has faced over the years. Together with LVEJO, we conducted the first EJ assessment; supported the network by conducting trainings; and have been a partner with RE-AMP through the Midwest Environmental Justice Network. Through this partnership, we have been able to provide small grants to EJ groups that across the Midwest.   


Gregory Norris, ACES 4 Youth

As an honorably retired marine, I learn to approach situations with a real-time solution. Therefore, to address the unmet need of people of color in my community, I founded Area Consortium of Educational Services for our Youth (DBA: ACES 4 Youth). Our mission is to design and implement solutions that work to eradicate or at a minimum stunt the growth of root causes of inequality identified under the environmental and social determinants, and traditions that prohibit people of color from having a voice.    For over twenty years, I have worked as a strong believer of the true meaning of being a grassroots organization, addressing roots causes of people’s problems (situation) in America.

I co-chaired with our United Way Chapter the Alton, our Mayor’s Alton Caring Corps Committee in 2010, to bridge ethnic gaps. I spearheaded the establishment of a grassroots community based organization (CBO), which was required to support the goals of a Department of Justice program titled “Weed and Seed Strategy”.     Recently, I was elected to serve on our Illinois State Climate Table. In March 2019, I had the opportunity to co-facilitate an Equity Training Day at an Illinois Downstate Caucus Equitable Deep Decarbonization Summit. The summit was made possible, with the support of Gail Francis (the co-facilitator) of Re-Amp. In 2016, I had the honorable opportunity of being invited to the White House twice, to attend meetings on implementing President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.     

On the foundation of the NAACP, the “Oldest, Boldest, and Most Hated” advocate organization, I serve as the Illinois State NAACP Conference, Armed Forces, and Veterans Affairs Chair.  I believe that our minority veterans, people in marginalized communities and neighborhood of colors experiences disparities identified under the environmental and social determinants. I seek to be part of organizations and committees’ that put action to their mission statement.  Re-Amp is one of the organizations that address root causes and the need for diversity, inclusion and most importantly equity for all Americans. I am seeking a seat on the Re-Amp steering committee to offer my grassroots strategy and to learn of other strategies that bring about systemic and cultural change for a better America. Being a part of Re-Amp Steering Committee increases my opportunity to present a real-time solution using the JEMEZ Principles.


Jessica Tritsch, Sierra Club 

Thank you for considering my candidacy for the RE-AMP Network Steering Committee. I am running for the Steering Committee because I want to continue to be part of helping the Network figure out how best to support and leverage its members to equitably decarbonize the Midwest.    Given the direction of our federal government, local, statewide, and regional action is critical to meeting our Network goals. RE-AMP is well positioned provide support for this work in the region, but it is not without its challenges. Finding the right structure to best support members with varied strategies while working at the local, state, regional, and federal level is no easy task. And of course, building the power we need as a climate justice movement to move our goals forward will always present a challenge and an opportunity. I know I don’t have all the answers, but I look forward to asking the questions and learning as we go. And as a Steering Committee Member, I would bring my experience along with my skills as a listener, organizer, strategist and facilitator to help identify those within the network (and outside) who can bring unique perspectives to a question.     

I have been involved with the RE-AMP Network over the past nine years while working with the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal to Clean Energy Campaign as an Organizer and now Senior Campaign Representative. I am finishing my first term on the Steering Committee, I have served as a member of the Minnesota State Climate Table Leadership Team, and I have engaged in RE-AMP meetings, conversations and decision making in Minnesota throughout the past nine years. I hope to bring my experience working towards climate justice and clean energy goals in collaboration with partners in Minnesota to supporting collaboration, innovation and inclusion in the RE-AMP Network and the regional climate justice movement.  


Funding Opportunity: Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Rapid Response Fund

We are interested in supporting non-profit organizations that encounter unexpected needs or changed circumstances in the course of ongoing campaigns or multi-state initiatives. Grants from the fund will be prioritized for needs that require rapid turnaround. The fund is not intended to cover core operating budgets or to address shortfalls in annual fundraising efforts.  The fund may only be used for non-lobbying expenses of 501(c)(3) organizations.

Key Areas of Interest

  •   Defend against emerging attempts to weaken or eliminate existing Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS), Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) or other utility sector clean energy policies.
  •   Take advantage of unexpected opportunities to expand or strengthen those policies.
  •   Intervene in rate cases that present new opportunities to incentivize energy efficiency or renewable energy including vigorously opposing increases in fixed charges.

For more information go the Commons —-> Activity ——> Funding—–> Rapid Response


Ohio Consumers Power Alliance by Tracy Sabetta, Ohio Energy Table 

Those of us in the Buckeye State would like to introduce you to the Ohio Consumers Power Alliance, a non-partisan, statewide consumer advocacy alliance focused on keeping rates low by diversifying Ohio’s energy portfolio. The Alliance is a project of the Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund, and formally launched last month. Rachael Belz of Ohio Citizen Action (and RE-AMP Steering Committee!) is the Project Director, and she is joined by a team of canvassers, organizers, and communications folks to help spread the consumer message across the state.

The Alliance was recently featured in an article in the Tennessee Star, and we hope you will take a moment to read more about the project. We are happy to provide you with more information or answer any questions you might have! Contact Tracy at


Capacity Building

Lunch & Learn Webinar Series #2: Gentrification | May 22nd

Level Two Action Team Applications Due | May 31st 

RE-AMP Annual Meeting | June 3-5th

Faith Communities for Equitable Solar Webinar | June 11th

RE-AMP Steering Committee Meeting | June 18th

Equitable, Local 100% Clean & Renewable Action Team Meeting | June 24th

Empower Michigan Retreat | July 9-10th


RE-AMP Lunch & Learn Webinar Series #1: Green New Deal | April 2019 | Video Recording

This is the first webinar of the 2019 RE-AMP Lunch & Learn series that will explore “hot topics” around climate change.  Gail Francis, RE-AMP’s Strategic Director, kicks off this webinar series by setting the context for how the Green New Deal can be analyzed as a policy proposal through the lenses of RE-AMP’s North Star Goal and Equitable Deep Decarbonization framework. Abby Lerner, RE-AMP’s Network Coordinator gives an overview of what is actually being proposed in the Green New Deal.

Sarah Goodspeed of Climate Generation and Larry Kraft of iMatter dive into its significance to the climate movement and to the RE-AMP Network, and how it has led to a renewed excitement not only around federal climate policy but also regional, state, and local climate legislation. Slides can also be viewed here (underlined text within are links).


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