Why join the RE-AMP Network?

The RE-AMP Network brings together a diverse group of members to leverage their expertise, strategies, and resources to make impactful change through groundbreaking collaboration. By participating in the Network, members not only gain an understanding of the work of other organizations across the region, but also develop a regional perspective that is key for achieving our shared goal to equitably eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the Midwest by 2050.

Membership with the Network includes many other benefits, from campaign and communications services to Action Team and State Table participation, training opportunities, and more. Please refer to the list of membership benefits below for more information.

How to Join

If your organization is interested in joining the RE-AMP Network and meets the eligibility requirements described below, please contact Sarah Ann Shanahan, RE-AMP Network’s Community Manager, at sarah@reamp.org.

The application process begins with a brief interview, during which the community manager will gather information about your organization, answer questions about the Network, recommend the appropriate membership level, and provide an application.

Completed membership applications are then considered by the RE-AMP Network Steering Committee on a rolling basis.

See below for more information on RE-AMP membership levels, requirements, and benefits.

Please note: Staff members of current member organizations are not required to apply for individual membership. Please contact Sarah Shanahan, RE-AMP Network’s Community Manager, at sarah@reamp.org for an account on the Commons, the Network’s private website.

Membership Levels

Descriptions of Membership Levels

These descriptions are meant to provide a high-level overview of each membership level and will always be provided in the context of RE-AMP’s membership requirements and benefits.


FULL membership offers all the benefits of the RE-AMP Network—from countless networking opportunities to campaign and communications services to involvement in Network governance and more—while requiring member organizations to maintain a high level of participation for the benefit of the Network as a whole. Consistent engagement from Full members is essential for the Network to develop a region-wide perspective on our issue areas, to align strategies, and ultimately to make progress toward our Network goal. We recommend Full membership for organizations with the capacity for and commitment to tackling climate change through RE-AMP’s groundbreaking approach to collaboration. This membership level is open to any organization working in the eight state RE-AMP region that meets our eligibility requirements.


ALLY membership offers nearly all of the benefits of the RE-AMP Network—with the exception of involvement in Network governance—while allowing member organizations to maintain a moderate level of participation in Network activities. This membership level opens the door to organizations that may not have the ability or desire to participate as a Full member, yet identify with our Network goal and want to engage in RE-AMP’s strategic climate action. We recommend Ally membership for organizations that are interested in learning about the RE-AMP Network and share our strong interest in working together to build a broader and even more effective climate movement in the Midwest. This membership level is open to any organization that meets our eligibility requirements.


On a case-by-case basis, and on the recommendation of a current Network member, the RE-AMP Network will issue INDIVIDUAL memberships to people who are not associated with a member organization. It is always ideal, however, for an individual to join the Network with a member organization. Individual membership offers the same level of access to the Network as Ally membership, and we recommend Individual membership to, for example, consultants and students. Staff members of Full or Ally member organizations are not required to apply for Individual membership. Applicants seeking Individual membership are required to provide a reference from a current Network member and meet our eligibility requirements.

Membership Requirements and Benefits

Eligibility Requirements INDIVIDUAL ALLY FULL
Support our North Star Goal to equitably eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the Midwest by 2050 x x x
Demonstrate interest and/or currently work on at least one issue from the Network’s shared analysis x x x
Agree to work in an aligned and coordinated way with other Network members using the shared analysis to inform action x x x
Initiate the application process by contacting the Network Community Manager x x x
Be an incorporated nonprofit, foundation, or discreetly identified program with a fiscal sponsor x x
Work in at least one of the Network’s eight states x
Provide endorsement from one professional reference x



Membership Requirements INDIVIDUAL ALLY FULL
Complete the Network orientation process x x x
Submit an annual membership renewal form x x x
Designate a primary contact within the organization who facilitates communication and responds to inquiries from the Network x x
Abide by the Network’s ground rules x x x
Take the Annual Network Survey and respond to inquiries from the Network x x x
Participate in the Commons, the Network’s private website where members collaborate and share resources x x x
Share information x x x
Commit to learning x x x
Use Network membership list only for collaboration and sharing, not for fundraising or other activities that benefit your organization alone. x x x
Active participation throughout the year in at least one state table, action team, or Network committee x
Attend the Annual Meeting x
Participate in goal setting and share results x



Membership Benefits INDIVIDUAL ALLY FULL
Be inspired by networking with the hundreds of members by learning and sharing through Network wide events, webinars, newsletters, workshops, peer to peer trainings, and other networking opportunities throughout the region x x x
Access to a shared understanding of the system we are trying to change and opportunities to develop region-wide perspectives on pathways for Equitable Deep Decarbonization. x x x
Participation in State Tables and Action Teams. x x x
Attendance at the Network’s Annual Meeting. x x x
Access to professional staff, including a Community Manager, who help orient you to the Network and connect you with fellow members or projects x x x
Access to the Commons, the Network’s private website where members collaborate and share resources. It includes access to the Network’s communications services and toolkits. Members can request to use any one of our Zoom or Zoom Webinar accounts for Network conversations x x x
Access to professional development opportunities including the Systems Thinking Academy, Campaign Excellence Conference, Peer Learning Circles, or additional regional opportunities. x x x
Permission to cite the RE-AMP Network in grant reports or applications. Permission to list the RE-AMP logo on the organization’s website x x x
Access to regular Network updates and news from across the RE-AMP region x x x
Access to the Network’s Organizing Hub, whose services boost campaign excellence throughout the Network. x x x
Access to shared resources like case studies, conferencing tools, best practices, and other shared learning and analysis x x x
Eligible to lead collaborative proposals funded through the Network x
Participation in Network governance (e.g., voting in Steering Committee elections or Network-wide goals and priorities) x
Eligibility to serve on the Steering Committee x
Coordinated fundraising for Network-specific collaborative projects x



The Network invests in the connections, collective strategy, and capacity of its members. This is a reflection of some of the direct benefits members receive at a free or reduced cost but does not encapsulate all the benefits or the full cost of operating the Network.



Member Benefit Cost Member Value
Attendance at the Annual Meeting which includes venue, meals, and eligibility to receive travel assistance. The Annual Meeting takes places over 3 days, usually in June $650

per person

“This was my first Annual Meeting and I had a great experience. From meeting so many amazing and inspiring people, to the discussions sprouting from the smaller group sessions, to listening in awe the incredible and resilient speakers at the outdoor dinner, my time in Bismarck was unforgettable”
Attendance at Issues Summits where members dig into complex problems that are grounded in our equitable deep decarbonization analysis. It includes the venue, meals, and eligibility to receive travel assistance. $975

per person

“This is a really great summit to dive deep into issues of equity, decarbonization, and the root causes of climate change”

“This is a very transformative and a great space to balance systems thinking and concrete action”

Eligible to participate in diversity, equity and inclusion trainings. Some examples include: Race Forward trainings with State Tables and directly before issue summits $125

per person

“The Organizing Hub has helped support our efforts for trainings on tactics as well as equity and inclusion”
Access to our online collaborative platform, the Commons, our monthly newsletter and our Zoom account $50

per person

“I put out a question about key power plants that the EPA should be interested in in Wisconsin and received some great feedback which I passed on to our national office that is engaging with the EPA and connected with one member who also works on other environmental issues and joined her coalition to impact public policy on a lead in water issue.”
Eligible to apply to be part of capacity building opportunity like the RE-AMP Systems Thinking Academy, Campaign Excellence Conference, Modeling Boot Camp. These programs include the venue, meals, and eligibility to receive travel assistance. The cost varies depending on the length of each opportunity Average is $650 per person “The Academy provided an amazing array of tools and methods that can be used to not only evaluate problems, but to keep our work in perspective and to develop logical strategies for furthering our work over time.”
Ability to participate in grant opportunities including Rapid Response Fund, Action Teams, State Tables. $5000 and up per grant “Our State Table meets regularly and serves as a valuable forum for sharing information, discussing strategy, and coordinating organization activities.”
Access to the build out of our equitable deep decarbonization framework. This includes access to experts and stipends for member led research $650

per person

“Engagement in the Action Team has been both inspiring and valuable research on how others are equitably decarbonizing.”
Access to consultation and facilitation services with professional staff Priceless “Amazing people. Amazing staff! Leaving inspired!”
Ability to be connected and inspired by each other Priceless “I’m feeling more connected and more hopeful”.


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